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Living town 

This section explores the importance of, and opportunity to, introduce significant levels of town centre living to the heart of Hamilton through both redevelopment and repurposing.

It also explores the introduction of essential services and activities required to support an increased residential population (amenity space, education / childcare, healthcare, etc.).


Introducing New Homes Within the Town Centre

A residential population is an essential component of a healthy and vibrant town centre.


With the reducing retail dominance there is opportunity to introduce significant levels of urban living to the town centre.


This would generally be a combination of both new build developments (with active ground floors where necessary for street activity) and conversion to residential of vacant or underused upper levels over retail space.


South Lanarkshire Council have a stated ambition to provide around 1300 affordable units in the next three years throughout their wider region; Hamilton town centre is well placed to contribute to this.


The masterplan proposes the introduction of new homes in a variety of types and tenures (social rent, affordable, private sale, later living etc.) ensures that it appeals to as wide a market as possible.


The proposals focus on the following sites (illustrated below):


• New Cross Shopping Centre site

• The Regent Shopping Centre site

• Hamilton Police Station / Court site

• Quarry Street gap site

• Keith Street ‘gateway’ site

Regent centre side.JPG
Residential numbers.JPG
The Regent Centre site: A new mixed-use residentialled neighbourhood with a greened active travel route at its heart
residential colors.JPG
Potential residential developments within the town centre
Existing residential within and surrounding the town centre
The New Cross: A significant residential development at a key town centre location that allows the reinstatement of historic Chapel Street
Existing residential.JPG

Providing Essential Services

Key institutions such as education providers, health and civic establishments can be fantastic assets for a town centre. They offer essential accessible services right at the heart of the community, activating streets and greatly increasing footfall.


The masterplan outlines the potential to introduce new centrally located essential services to meet the needs of both the local and wider population.


Provision for a new nursery and healthcare centre have been explored as part of the study within the town centre, the most democratically accessible location for the wider community.


Existing residential
Potential new service location: Campbell Lane 
Potential new service location: Castle Street 
NHS hamilton.JPG
Potential new town centre healthcare / education / leisure facility 
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