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Welcome to the  Hamilton Public Consultation


What is the Masterplan?

This new masterplan for Hamilton town centre seeks to demonstrate the physical and spatial moves, approach and attitude required to deliver a re-energised and resilient town centre core. The vision re-imagines the future of Hamilton and sets out to define the next phase of its evolution.


We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to repopulate the town centre and reintroduce the diverse uses that meet the community’s needs. Reconnecting the community to the centre and focusing development in a core area is not only critical to the wellbeing of that community, it is the most environmentally responsible future we can strive for.


This masterplan provides a summary of the framework developed for South Lanarkshire Council to deliver the social and cultural ambitions of the community. It presents a ‘joined up’ approach to new development where uses are positioned in relation to each other to create the vibrancy and activity that is key to a thriving town centre.

Bringing together the many positive moves currently in development in Hamilton, this masterplan is a clear statement of ambition that is based on best practice and known successes. It is influenced by a depth of market understanding and is achievable. It offers a shared vision and can project an alignment of intent that will position the town well to apply for future public funding and attract private investment.

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