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Balanced town 

This section is concerned with understanding the challenges and opportunities that arise from the evolving patterns of retail and the reduction in retail dominance. 

Repurposing a large single use asset can transform a town centre in one bold move, repopulating the heart of the town centre and increasing permeability by breaking down large blocks into new streets and lanes.


Opportunities to Rebalance

Hamilton, much like other towns and cities in the UK, can no longer rely on established national chains to occupy the majority of the available retail space within the town centre.


Rebalancing the town centre to be less dependent on retail is key.


Introducing the right mix of retail, residential, food and beverage, leisure, workplace and essential services at street level will increase vibrancy and footfall, supporting existing retailers.


The developed masterplan shows a Hamilton town centre no longer dominated by retail but that still contains active ground floor space in a variety of scales along key routes and surrounding existing and new spaces. In line with the recommendations of the Savills report, this has significantly reduced the available space to allow a focus on a more high quality / artisinal / local offer, augmented with other complementary uses.

A number of key assets and sites of opportunity have been explored in the study in order to introduce new uses and reduce the current retail footprint:

1. The New Cross Shopping Centre

2. The Regent Shopping Centre

3. Former Bairds Department Store

4. Keith Street Car Park

5. Duke Street Car Park

6. Hamilton Police Station


Quarry Street:

Spine of the Town Centre



Quarry Street is the primary pedestrian route through the town centre. It is a vital connector from the area surrounding the Top Cross down toward Cadzow Street, Castle Street and the retail parks.


The masterplan proposes a number of initiatives and interventions to ensure the resilience of Quarry Street:

  • Introduce a more diverse range of uses such as food and beverage, leisure, health and community spaces to rebalance Quarry Street. Diversification should be encouraged in tandem with a retention of existing retail where possible


  •  Improve the public realm through the introduction of new greening, seating and shelter

  • Reintroduce traffic in one direction combined with dedicated accessible parking. This will improve visibility for any existing and potential new businesses


Quarry street diagram_edited.jpg
Quarry street diagram_edited.jpg
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